Thursday, 24 September 2015


The word exuberance originated from French and Latin meaning overabundant, to grow luxuriously, to  be fruitful, overflowing.

Today it refers to being full of high spirits and growing profusely.

To me this word which speaks of abundance and lavish growth is a condition which we need to nurture and encourage.  And I feel the two parts of the meaning are actually related and from a state of high spirits comes the abundant growth.  Someone will often be in a state of high spirits or exuberance when they a living their passion and following their dreams.  In a state of exuberance anything feels possible and productivity is high and momentum is achieved.

When I am asked to show my art and to speak to groups of people I often notice that my exuberance and passion for what I am doing is very often transferred to members of the audience and suddenly people are telling me what they are planning to do to nurture their own creativity. 

So I am a big believer in operating at the level  of exuberance and if I can help people to be in that state where they see the possibilities and the excitement and ride the wave of exuberance then that in turn creates more exuberance to encourage more people.  If you would like to be reminded to live exuberantly, please sign up to my monthly inspiring arts newsletter and together we can enjoy the abundance and growth that comes from following one's dreams and passions.

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