Friday, 8 May 2015

New York Show Preview

It's nearly show time! From the June 12 to July 2 my paintings will be featured in the collective exhibition 'In Reverie of Form' at Agora Gallery 530 West 25th Street New York Tuesday - Saturday 11am -6pm.  Why not join us at the Opening Reception on Thursday 18 June 6-8pm?
I'm excited to share with you a preview of my 7 paintings in the show.  The Gallery Director has certainly chosen a bold, vibrant and close up selection for the show. 

Excelsior 30 inch diameter
Excelsior is my narrative piece for my journey to New York.  This velvety red rose, possibly a Mr Lincoln is the picture of optimism against a clear blue sky.  And like the motto of New York city, Ever Upward, this rose conveys positivity and strength.  Roses are not only the official state flower for New York but also the floral emblem of the United States of America.

Golden Days 30 inch diameter

Golden Days refers not only to the colour but also the demeanour of this rose as it looks backwards nostalgically to those happier days of youth.  This sun-drenched rose throws deep burgundy shadows.


Through the Looking Glass is a like a swirl of pink chiffon drawing you in and down and down.  The miracle that is a rose is shown in this painting which is both mesmerising and inviting.

Victoria Gold 30 inch diameter

Delving into the centre of this deep yellow Australian bred rose Victoria Gold, I was surprised by the richness and intensity of the colours in the interior folds and crevices.  This painting encourages you to take the time to dwell and explore.

Sunlight and Shadows 30 inch diameter
Sunlight and Shadows is a rose which is full of drama.  The fluted petals are casting shadows reminiscent of shadow puppetry which encourages the viewer to contemplate and discover the story being told.

Eternal Beloved 30 inch diameter

 Eternal Beloved is an intense red rose with a labyrinth of tightly furled petals which can be traced into the deep centre which triggers memories of the heady scent of heritage roses.

Pearlescence 20 inch diameter
Pearlescence is a smaller painting of a shy and secretive rose with softly curled petals shimmering and iridescent.

 I hope you enjoyed this walk through my show selection

Please visit my Agora Gallery Artist Page to see my full collection of 21 round rose paintings


  1. Best of luck on your upcoming show, Michelle. The paintings are wonderful.

    1. Thank you so much David, I couldn't feel luckier than I do now just to be having this experience!

  2. You are amazing, the roses are gorgeous! Good luck with your show. I especially like the little stories with each rose. xx