Friday, 26 April 2013

Garden of Abundance Press Release

Comeback Artist Revels in Garden of Abundance
Six months ago Michelle Endersby found herself in the throes of a life threatening medical emergency. It could have gone either way, one day she was happily painting at home and the next minute she developed a massive headache and was quickly paralysed down one side, unable to speak and collapsed on the floor. Her husband raced for the phone not knowing what was going on. Luckily an ambulance got her to hospital quickly, where scans revealed that a blood vessel had ruptured in her brain and emergency surgery was required to remove a blood clot which was nearing the size of a tennis ball. She was placed in an induced coma on life support in ICU. Michelle explains "When I woke I was in a state of semi consciousness trying to work out where I was, it was dark and I sensed something dark and foreboding at the end of my bed and I didn't know what it was. I was then presented with a vision of a beautiful rose garden and focusing my attention on that, my spirits were lifted and I've never looked back. I was told my recovery could take months to years but I got out of hospital in 11 days. Neurosurgeon and rehab specialists have said it is amazing that I have recovered so quickly and so well and I'm now back painting and having my first exhibition." Michelle puts it down to her vision that she had in the hospital: "That vision sustained me and I just hung on to that picture of joy and creativity as I wanted to be back in that zone again so desperately as that is what life is all about for me now.” When Michelle returned home from hospital she wasn't sure if she would ever be able to paint again but in less than 6 months after her emergency operation Michelle is back painting and having her first exhibition which is opening in Frankston on Friday 3rd May and she hopes others will come and enjoy her journey and share in her vision. Aum Shanti Cafe & Gallery at 439 Nepean Highway Frankston is holding the exhibition showcasing over 30 of Michelle's paintings from Friday 3rd May until Saturday 13th July. Both Michelle and proprietor Elke Newell will be donating part of the proceeds of the exhibition entitled "The Garden of Abundance" to The Orangutan Project. (The Orangutan Project (TOP) is a not-for-profit organisation, supporting orangutan conservation, rainforest protection, local community partnerships and the rehabilitation and reintroduction of displaced orangutans back to the wild, in order to save the two orangutan species from extinction.)

Michelle is delighted to share with others the beauty and wonders of the natural world through her vibrant paintings. Michelle explains: "When I am painting I am in my Garden of Abundance which is a metaphor for the joy and passion I feel about my creative journey since starting painting the beauty of nature under the tutelage of South Australian artist,Jacqueline Coates. I have found my true passion and I want to share the beauty I see in the world with others. 

 Follow this link for a preview of Michelle's paintings

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